Why Join the Community College Association?
By joining CCA you will be part of the largest, most influential association of educators striving to improve the working conditions of its members, support students and improve the quality of public education.  Over 300,000 California educators belong to CTA, and nearly 3 million belong to NEA. CTA is the largest public employee association in the state, while NEA is the largest public employee association in the country. 
Membership Means Power in Bargaining!
Membership Means Protection for our Pensions!
Membership Means Knowing your Rights! 
Membership Means Safety in Numbers! 
If you're not already a member, discover all the member benefits and find out why it makes sense to join CCA today.
Fantastic CCA Conferences!
CCA offers professional development in its three conferences per year: the CCA Fall Membership, Winter Advocacy, and Spring Bargaining Conferences. These conferences provide faculty with the latest developments in the legislature, the law, changing state requirements, bargaining and grievance techniques, and the ever-popular state budget analysis. The best thing about our conferences is the chance to network with faculty from all over the state and compare notes. Agency Fee/Fair Share Payers are NOT eligible for free attendance at these conferences.
As a CCA Member, You Reap Benefits
CCA membership entitles you to myriad benefits, including financial services, travel discounts, insurance and more from the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association. Check them out below.
Ready to Join CCA?
Here is your CCA Member Enrollment/Application form.  Download and print the form, then contact your chapter President or Membership Chair to calculate your dues. Then just fill out and sign the form, and send it to your local Chapter President or Membership Chair or to CCA at 4100 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95834. (Be sure to keep a copy for your own records.)  Be sure to fill out the section on places of employment with all the districts where you work, regardless of whether they are community college or K-12.
 That's all there is to it!
 Find out more about your CCA-CTA benefits at www.CTA.org
CTA Scholarship for Members
To learn more about these scholarships, visit the CTA scholarship page. Agency Fee/Fair Share Payers are NOT eligible for these scholarships!  
CCA Million Dollar Liability Insurance for Members
It is an unfortunate reality that faculty are constantly at risk of harassment charges, criminal charges, or civil lawsuits. No matter how unfounded, such a charge against a faculty member may cost thousands of dollars to defend, even if the claim is dismissed before it goes to trial. CCA/CTA/NEA members are all protected by a $1 million professional liability policy, which will also reimburse legal fees for the defense of criminal investigations and charges. The financial burden of liability protection is reason enough to become a CCA member. Agency Fee/Fair Share Payers are NOT eligible for this benefit!
CCA's Power in the Capitol: Your Voice is Heard!
Thanks to CCA's advocacy, political action and professional development program, we have:
  • Obtained millions of additional dollars for community colleges from the legislature
  • Stabilized community college funding through Proposition 98, which guarantees dollars to community colleges …in contrast to the CSU and UC which have to fight every year for their budgets
  • Lobbied for and won monumental increases in STRS benefits
  • Campaigned for and passed Proposition 30 which saved many community college faculty jobs
  • Protected faculty rights during the Education Code review process
  • Negotiated 6 of the top 10 highest earnable salaries of the 72 community college districts
Our Union Makes Us Strong 
Do your colleagues know about the benefits of being a member of the Community College Association? CCA’s publication, “Our Union Makes Us Strong” can help.
CCA Membership Brochure
When you join the Community College Association, you become a member of the most influential association of educators in our state and in our nation. With the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association, we are improving the conditions of teaching and learning as well as advancing quality public education. Find strength in unity with the Community College Association. Find out how your members can benefit through CCA’s advocacy in the Capitol, its political action and its professional development programs. Check out our new Membership Brochure.
CCA Membership Handbook
The new CCA Membership Handbook is now available!  It includes many great ideas about how to recruit and retain members.  The CCA Membership Handbook is available here or you can call the CCA Office at 1-916-288-4921 to have copies mailed to you.
CCA Membership Committee
The CCA Membership Committee meets several times each year to advise CCA on membership recruitment and retention. The Committee members for 2017-18 are Brad Reynolds (Chair), Matha Carreon (Vice Chair), Tracy Davis Butros, Karen Roberts, and Scott Klinger.  The NEA Liaison to the Committee is Erick Carbajal.  The CTA Staff Liaison to the Committee is Robin Devitt.    
Plan to attend CCA’s 2017 Fall Conference

CCA’s three conferences have successfully concluded for 2016-17, but you can look forward to attending the 2017 Fall Conference at the Marriott Hotel in San Jose Oct. 13-15. For more information on CCA’s conferences, check out the Conference section.

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