CCA Advocacy Award in Honor of John Martin
John Martin, a longtime activist for part-time faculty, received the 2017 Advocacy Award during CCA’s Spring Conference. The award is given to a CCA member who has shown excellence and leadership in legislative advocacy. Martin is a part-time history instructor at Shasta and Butte Colleges and is the former CCA Part-Time Faculty Director Northern Region (At Large). He has been a tireless advocate for part-time faculty within CCA and statewide.
According to CCA Board Member Kristie A. Iwamoto who presented John with his award, “John has the ability to energize people and make them excited about changing the system.”
During his time as CCA's Northern Part-Time Director as well as chair of the organization’s Part-time Issues Committee, John has made countless trips to Sacramento, walking the halls of the Capitol and pushing for legislation to improve the lives of contingent faculty.
“He and I stood side-by-side in 2012 and testified in favor of AB 852, an early version of the part-time rehire rights bill,” Iwamoto said.
She continued, “John has always been a political activist, and he has never been apologetic. He has pushed all of us around him to demand more because he demands more. John is never satisfied. He is never content. With every loss, and with every win, he always asks, 'Okay, so what's next?' As activists and leaders, this is the mantra we must all have. There is always more we can do. We must always demand more.”
2017 CCA Part-Time Faculty Award in Honor of David Milroy
Karen Roberts, a Long Beach College part-time art history professor and president of CHI Long Beach City College, received the 2017 CCA Part-time Faculty Award in honor of David Milroy.
The award, named for another longtime retired faculty activist David Milroy, honors faculty who have worked to improve working conditions for part-time faculty.
Roberts, who teaches primarily at Long Beach City and El Camino Colleges has taken an active role in her association since 2008. Roberts previously served as Member at Large, lead negotiator and grievance chair in her association. She and her leadership team rebuilt her chapter by organizing from scratch, calling all bargaining unit members to personally invite them to join the union, holding workshops and social events, visiting faculty on campus and making strides at the bargaining table. As a result, the membership of the union has increased more than ten-fold over the last eight years.
Her colleague, Cindy Frye, said this about Roberts in her nomination form.
“To describe Karen Roberts, who has led the part-time faculty union at Long Beach City College through years of budget cuts, program cuts, part-time instructor cuts and a number of other issues that seem to affect fellow part-time faculty at just about every college in the country…the one word that comes immediately to mind is simply CALM.
She has said that she’s been surprised that others portray her as calm, because she admits that inside she’s felt such things as fearful, angry, frustrated, annoyed, and discouraged. But on the outside, she emits a balance of calm and decorum that can get a colleague through a contentious sit down with a department head or administrator, when at the bargaining table it feels like she’s hitting her head up against a wall, or when she listens to the heartbreaking stories of part timers losing their classes, or not having health insurance to see them through a major illness, or having to eat rice and beans to get by. And even when part-time colleagues can appear to be apathetic and reluctant to offer their time and energy to help promote the vital causes of the union, she remains calm as she goes about encouraging and supporting each person’s idea of commitment.
Karen looks for no recognition or applause as she goes about the arduous task of pushing through years of efforts to make working conditions better for the 700-plus part-time faculty at LBCC, which has included salary and step increases, better evaluation language, and working with the college district to hopefully soon reach an agreement to re-hire preference rights, but she so rightfully deserves that recognition. She is an inspiration to all of those, on both sides of the table, who know and work with her. This award couldn’t go to a more deserving person, a woman who continues to demonstrate her integrity, her altruism, her humanity, and above all else, her undeniable calm.”
Roberts worked to strengthen her skills by attending CCA’s Academy for Building Strong Locals and NEA’s Emerging Leaders Academy. Along with her Emerging Leaders colleagues, she took a major role in organizing the NEA Higher Education Conference.
2017 CCA Ethnic Minority Award in Honor of Mary Ann Pacheco
Luisa Howell, a professor of Spanish at Mt. San Antonio College received the CCA Ethnic Minority Award in honor of Mary Ann Pacheco, a former professor at Rio Hondo College.
Howell served as Director G on CCA’s Executive Board for six years, representing Mt. San Antonio College. As Director G she was a member of the Conference Committee, the Communication Committee and the Governance Committee. Throughout this period she also served as Chair of the Faculty Equity and Diversity Committee. She established the three awards that this committee bestows upon members who have contributed to fostering the causes of ethnic minorities, the GLBT and part time faculty in an effort to attract potential teachers in the aforementioned categories.
At Mt. SAC she has been Vice President of the Faculty Association, member of the Executive Board, member of the Negotiation Team and represented her Department before the Representative Council of the FA. In her capacity of Vice President, she established the Faculty Appreciation Day at Mt. SAC.
One of her more significant contributions came as a result of the passing of one of her colleagues who despite having taught at Mt. SAC for more than 30 years was not a member at the time of his passing. Luisa was able to secure the cooperation of the Vice President of Instruction and with the cooperation of Division Deans and the Vice President of Human Resources was able to increase membership at Mt. SAC by 175 percent; going from the usual 35 members per year to over one hundred members per year. Most of this increase was among part time faculty.
She continues to be active as a Director on Mt. SAC’s FA Executive Board as well as the Academic Senate Executive Board where she has also served as Director, Senator-at-Large, Legislative Liaison and Senator representing her Department.
Luisa’s advocacy spans across the diverse community of students, faculty and staff at Mt. SAC.
2017 CCA GLBT Award in Honor of David Sanchez
Johnnie Terry, president of the Sierra College Faculty Association and member of the CCA Board of Directors is the recipient of the 2017 GBLT Award, in honor of David Sanchez, the first openly gay president of the California Teachers Association.
A full-time professor of philosophy and LGBT studies at Sierra College in Rocklin, Terry serves as the faculty advisor for the Sierra College Rainbow Alliance and is chair of the College's SPECTRUM Committee, a standing committee of the Academic Senate focused on the retention and success of the LGBTQ student population at Sierra. Every year, Johnnie has led or co-led multiple campus-based annual and one-time-only activities in support of LGBT students.
In addition to teaching philosophy classes, Johnnie is the author of and professor for the College's Introduction to LGBT/Queer Theory course. At Sierra College, Johnnie has served as Academic Senate President, Curriculum Committee Chair, Equivalency Chair and has facilitated several flex activities. He co-taught a course with a colleague from the Sierra College Women and Gender Studies department a semester-long, flex class for College faculty on Feminist Teaching Methodologies. He also serves as vice-president of the local PFLAG advocacy organization.
As one of Sierra College's best known and most visible openly-gay faculty members, Johnnie has consistently demonstrated great personal courage, given the politically and religiously-conservative nature of Placer County where Sierra College is based. Johnnie's warm outgoing personality makes him an effective ambassador for openly-LGBT individuals. His sincerity, strong dedication to student success and his diplomatic way of speaking out against discrimination and his positive advocacy in favor of pluralism, Johnnie has become one of the best-liked and most admired faculty members at Sierra College.
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