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AB 1690 Heads to Senate Appropriations

ACTION REQUIRED! AB 1690, the job security bill for part-time faculty by Assembly member José Medina (D-Riverside), passed the Senate Education Committee 5-2 and is moving onto the Senate Appropriations Committee. Use CCA’s talking points to contact Committee members (click on each Senator’s webpage and then “Contact") and urge them to pass this important bill. Remember, student success relies on a stable faculty and a stable faculty means equity for all.  Above, CCA Board Member Kristie Iwamoto is shown testifying before the Senate Ed committee. Find out more in the Legislation section.

Stand with Students and Educators to Support DACA
Educators will continue pursuing remedies to ensure immigrant students reach their full potential and remain with their families, despite a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that effectively blocks two programs by President Barack Obama.
“The Supreme Court decision will inflict further harm on the health and the educational opportunities of millions of children faced with fear and anxiety about separation from their parents and families,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. Read more and then sign the Pledge to Stand with Students and Educators to Support DACA.
CCA's on Facebook

The CCA Board’s Communications Committee created the Community College Association Facebook page at its June meeting. Be part of the conversation and check it out now.

Chancellor's Office: SSSP Funds Are Not One-time Money
Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) funds are now considered part of the base funding for community colleges by both the Chancellor’s Office and state leaders, according to Deputy Chancellor Erik Skinner who told college CEOs in a letter that “you should allocate them with confidence that they will reoccur and use the funds to make permanent improvements in how your college improves student success.” Read Skinner’s letter to find out more.
Does Ethnicity Impact Student Learning?
California Community college faculty has a legal and professional obligation to be responsive to the needs of a diverse student body, which means the faculty workforce must itself become more diverse, says Thuy Thi Nguyen, vice chancellor for the Chancellor’s Office. Find out more in the Equity and Diversity section.
Governor Releases May Revised Budget for 2016-17
Although the governor’s May Revision of the 2016-17 budget is positive overall for community colleges, steps must be taken now to ensure the necessary funding into the future. Read CCA’s Budget Memo as well as the press statement by CTA President Eric Heins as to why it is imperative to pass California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act (CEHCP) in November.
Build Union Solidarity with CCA's Book Club
CCA offers a Book Club at every Spring Council where members can discuss books about the Labor Movement and issues that threaten faculty. If you have a suggestion for this year’s book title, contact CCA President Lynette Nyaggah at president@cca4me.  To learn a little more, see the Communications section.
Spotlighting Our Members Around the State
Interested in knowing what your community college colleagues are doing across the state? Check out Spotlight on Our Members, a new section of the CCA website. If you have a member or program on your campus you think is worth spotlighting, contact Advocate Editor Cynthia Menzel at
There's Value in Your CCA/CTA Membership
Did you know there are over 325,000 members of CTA? Because of our purchasing power, we are able to negotiate valuable benefits, programs and services for our members. Learn more about the benefits of your membership. Don’t miss out!
Next Up: CCA's Fall Conference

Make plans now to attend CCA’s Fall Conference Oct. 7-9 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. This first of three CCA conferences for 2016-17 focuses on member engagement and will offer a variety of trainings on the best ways to reach your members. Come to the Fall Conference to meet with colleagues from around the state, exchange ideas and learn new strategies for strengthening your chapters. Take a peek at the Fall Conference program.  You won’t want to miss this! Online registration is now open.

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