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We need your support on the Part-Time/Adjunct Job Security bill! It is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and they will vote on whether to move it out of committee in the next few days. Please EMAIL THE MEMBERS OF THE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE. Click on the "Legislation" page of this website for email instructions and committee member names. Here are the talking points:

Talking points in support of AB 1690:

• Community Colleges educate the majority of students who are in Higher Education.
• Faculty working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.
• Student success relies on stable faculty.
• There should be equity for all faculty.
• It costs less to keep the same faculty than to hire new faculty.
• The Part-Time/Adjunct faculty are already in the system and the tracking of Part-Time faculty already exists.
• Part-Time/Adjunct job security is a cost effective means of assuring student success.

Chancellor's Office: SSSP Funds Are Not One-time Money
Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) funds are now considered part of the base funding for community colleges by both the Chancellor’s Office and state leaders, according to Deputy Chancellor Erik Skinner who told college CEOs in a letter that “you should allocate them with confidence that they will reoccur and use the funds to make permanent improvements in how your college improves student success.” Read Skinner’s letter to find out more.
Are You Union Strong?
May is Labor History Month and a good time to brush up on how the labor movement has contributed to the American Dream. Check out Our Labor Partners section or The Laborhood, an online community that brings workers together to share stories and to learn about the challenges that workers face every day. The National Education Association offers a multitude of resources for you and your chapter. It’s also a good time to strengthen your labor relationships by joining the Central Labor Council in your area.
Governor Releases May Revised Budget for 2016-17
While Gov. Brown’s May Revised budget is not a panacea, it is certainly a positive budget overall for community colleges. Read CCA’s Budget Memo as well as the press statement by CTA President Eric Heins as to why it is imperative to pass California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act in November.
Board of Governors Votes to Replace ACCJC
The California Community Colleges Board of Governors has voted to seek a new accreditor to replace the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), which has come under fire from faculty organizations throughout the state. During the transition period – anticipated to take a few years – the board expects the ACCJC to make improvements in its current process.
"We have moved from fear and intimidation to empowerment. This is a testament to democracy, where all segments of the community college system worked together to bring about change, change which will above all benefit our students," said CCA President Lynette Nyaggah.
Build Union Solidarity with CCA's Book Club
CCA offers a Book Club at every Spring Council where members can discuss books about the Labor Movement and issues that threaten faculty. If you have a suggestion for this year’s book title, contact CCA President Lynette Nyaggah at president@cca4me.  To learn a little more, see the Communications section.
CCA Honors Local Leaders for their Work on Campus

MiraCosta College associate instructors and faculty union officers Krista Warren and Al Nyman were not only among those honored at the CCA Spring Conference, they received recognition in their local newspaper. Read more about all of those local heroes honored by CCA for their contribution to their local chapter and faculty. And don’t forget to contact your local media about the good work your chapter has done. People want to know! Photo courtesy of MiraCosta College.
CTA Applauds Appellate Ruling in Vergara Case
The California Court of Appeal on April 14 unanimously reversed a lower court decision in the deeply flawed Vergara v. California lawsuit, essentially affirming that due process protections for educators do not harm students. Although the case did not directly affect community college faculty, it was a damaging attack on educators' rights by wealthy anti-union “education reformers” to bypass voters, parents, and the legislature with harmful education policy changes.
In a press statement, CTA President Eric C. Heins said the decision "overwhelmingly underscores that the laws under attack have been good for public education and for kids, and that the plaintiffs failed to establish any violation of a student's constitutional rights." 
Vote for the Candidates Who Support Public Education
CTA’s State Council of Education voted to recommend dozens of candidates on the June ballot who have made a commitment to support public education. For an extensive list of candidates for state assembly, senate and federal offices, as well as information on ballot measures, check out CTA’s campaign website. It's also critical to elect local trustees who are friendly to California's community colleges, public schools, educators and students. CTA's voter guide can help you to elect the best candidates for our students!
Spotlighting Our Members Around the State
Interested in knowing what your community college colleagues are doing across the state? Check out Spotlight on Our Members, a new section of the CCA website. If you have a member or program on your campus you think is worth spotlighting, contact Advocate Editor Cynthia Menzel at
Friedrichs: U.S. Supreme Court's Tie Vote Affirms Lower Court Decision in Favor of CTA
The U.S. Supreme Court issued a judgment March 29 affirming the lower court ruling in favor of CTA in the Friedrichs lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of fair share fees. 
Support Student Success by Supporting Part-time Faculty
CCA/CTA has joined Assembly member Jose Medina (D-Riverside) in co-sponsoring AB 1690, a bill that creates minimum standards including evaluation procedures, workload distribution and seniority rights for part-time faculty within the community college system. Download this sample resolution and ask your local boards of trustees to support this important legislation.
There's Value in Your CCA/CTA Membership
Did you know there are over 325,000 members of CTA? Because of our purchasing power, we are able to negotiate valuable benefits, programs and services for our members. Learn more about the benefits of your membership. Don’t miss out!
Supporting Campus Equity
San Joaquin Delta College faculty (from left) Marcos Contreras, Wes Swanson, Cirian Villavicencio and Ed Torres display their support for Campus Equity. You can show your support by displaying the CCA Campus Equity poster below designed by CCA member Denise Johnson. Also check out NEA's poster that asks a thought-provoking question. 
Take the Advocate Readership Survey and Enter Drawing for a Kindle Fire
We are interested in discovering what CCA members like to read in their publication, the Advocate. Please click here to take the Advocate survey. It’ll take just a few moments. The names of those who take the survey will be put into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. Take the survey anytime between now and July 15, 2016.
Next Up: CCA's Fall Conference

Make plans now to attend CCA’s Fall Conference Oct. 7-9 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. This first of three CCA conferences for 2016-17 focuses on member engagement and will offer a variety of trainings on the best ways to reach your members. Come to the Fall Conference to meet with colleagues from around the state, exchange ideas and learn new strategies for strengthening your chapters. Take a peek at the Fall Conference program.  You won’t want to miss this! Online registration is now open.

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