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LWV Sets Statewide Discussions on Future of Higher Education
The Future of Higher Education is on the agenda of the League of Women Voters as it conducts discussions throughout the state in order to develop a position statement by August. Facilitating a discussion in Chico was CTA Board Member for Higher Education Susan Green (at far right) and Butte College faculty Nicole LaGrave. “This is a chance to engage community partners in an issue that we have in common and will create a document from a respected non-partisan organization that will benefit all of us in higher education for years to come,” Green said. She urges higher education faculty to read the  League's Study of Public Higher Education in California and get involved in conversations in your county.
Crack Down on Another For-Profit College
The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Education are taking action against the for-profit DeVry University for allegedly making deceptive claims about its job placement rates and graduates' wages, Inside Higher Education reports.
High Court Hears How Friedrichs v. CTA Threatens Fairness, Public Services, Middle Class
Friedrichs vs. CTA, a case backed by corporate special interests seeking to diminish the rights of working Americans, is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court justices.  Read CTA's news release on the court proceedings and watch the reaction by CTA President Eric Heins to the arguments.  The decision expected later this year would significantly weaken public sector labor unions and their ability to advocate for everyday Americans. To learn more about what is at stake, see our special section on the case and check out CTA’s interactive poster.

Governor Unveils 2016-17 Budget Proposal
Community colleges in California will receive a modest increase in funding under Governor Brown’s 2016-17 proposed budget, which he announced on January 7. Included in the proposal is additional funding to increase access to college for nearly 50,000 more community college students. Find out what else is in store for community colleges in the budget memo from CCA/CTA's legislative advocate, Jennifer Baker. 
CCA Trainings Create Stronger Members
Think you have to attend a conference to receive the riches of CCA/CTA trainings? Absolutely not! About 50 part-time faculty members of the Rancho Santiago Continuing Education Faculty Association came out more informed about their retirement benefits following a CCA training brought directly to their chapter. CCA/CTA’s skilled staff assisted by knowledgeable leaders has provided workshops on Evaluation, Grievances, Workload, Tax Fairness, and Organizing for Board of Trustees elections, and more. If there’s a training you’d like offered, work with your local chapter president and staff person. It’s part of the value of your membership.
Obama Promises Action on Free Community College Plan
During his State of the Union speech, President Obama outlined his proposal to offer two years of free community college tuition for students in order to “lower the cost of community college — to zero.” Obama’s plan would provide tuition-free classes for students going to school at least half time who maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher and are making steady progress toward a degree or transferring to a four-year institution. Meanwhile, the Long Beach College Promise has been successful in bringing the school district, community college and CSU Long Beach together in providing a free semester at LBCC and guaranteed admission to CSULB. And, if you missed it, several Long Beach City College students were featured with celebrities like Chris Rock and Louie C.K. in the White House’s Heads Up America public service announcement this fall. Take a look. It’s pretty cute.
Another Blow Dealt to ACCJC
The ACCJC, which has been under assault from faculty organizations in California, received another blow in December when a national advisory committee recommended the U.S. Education Department take away the agency’s ability to approve four-year college degrees at community colleges. The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity Committee further recommended the Ed Dept give the accreditation commission six months to prove it is meeting federal standards. The six-month extension is among the strongest rebukes that the panel typically makes, Inside Higher Education reports.
Board of Governors Takes Action on ACCJC
The California Community College Board of Governors has heeded the voice of faculty and the Chancellor by voting to sever ties with the combative Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and begin the search for a new accrediting agency. CCA joined other faculty organizations in protesting the commission’s lack of collegiality and transparency, as well as its use of fear that created distrust on campuses. Among those speaking out during a listening tour by several ACCJC  members was Sequoias Teachers Association President-elect Paul Tidwell. Above are some of the CCA members who turned out at Rancho Santiago Community College District to greet ACCJC members.
There's Value in Membership
Did you know there are over 325,000 members of CTA? Because of our purchasing power, we are able to negotiate valuable benefits, programs and services for our members. Learn more about the benefits of your membership. Don’t miss out!
Join Your Local Labor Federation
CCA chapters, like the Long Beach City College Part-time Faculty (CHI-LBCC) and the Southwestern College Education Association are joining their local Central Labor Councils. See Our Labor Partners to learn more about strengthening your labor relationships. 
Supporting Campus Equity
San Joaquin Delta College faculty (from left) Marcos Contreras, Wes Swanson, Cirian Villavicencio and Ed Torres display their support for Campus Equity. You can show your support by displaying the CCA Campus Equity poster below designed by CCA member Denise Johnson. Also check out NEA's poster that asks a thought-provoking question. 
Winter Conference
Coming Up!

Registration is now open for CCA’s Winter Conference to be held Feb. 19-21 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. With a focus on collective bargaining, the Winter Conference provides an ideal opportunity for bargaining teams to attend and learn new techniques and winning strategies at the table. Other sessions will focus on member engagement, creating community among part-time faculty, and the union’s role in student success. Check out the conference brochure and register online. See you there!